Venandi Smooth Fox Terriers


Venandi is actually the union of two kennels, Wanda Stacey - previously Rosecountry Smooth Fox Terriers & Toria Lee - Previously Fancithat Smooth Fox Terriers. It had become obvious to us both that we are best as a unit and have decided to take that to the next level under our new name - Venandi.
Venandi is latin for hunter, and a Smooth Fox Terrier is exactly that from his nose through to his toes. The cleverly made hunter is a fiercely loyal, intelligent & versatile companion who is happy at your side for a night in, or a 5 kilometer powerwalk on cool summer mornings.


We are one of the only breeders in Canada to fully health test our dogs. All of our SFT are tested for hips. Leggs-Calve Perthes, patellas, and caridac health minimum.
Bath as needed, brush the coat and teeth regularly, keep nails trim & ears cleaned weekly. This is a low-maintenance breed however they do shed moderately.
The Smooth Fox Terrier
The Smooth Fox Terrier originates from 19th century England where they were bred to 'bolt' foxes from the den. Typically weighing between fifteen and twenty pounds, Smooth Fox Terriers are fun-loving and lively, intelligent dogs. This incredible, versatile breed excels in most dog sports and as a companion both in the city or country! The Smooth Fox Terrier is becoming quite rare in Canada, with less than five breeders across the country and fewer than thirty-five registered every year. We are dedicated to maintaining this breed for generations to come.
This very intelligent breed benefits from consistency and boundaries. Obedience classes are strongly recommended.