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All of our puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club with non-breeding agreements. They go home with bowls, collar and lead, toys, treats as well as a blanket that smells like their mother and siblings. All puppies receive four rounds of de-worming, one set of vaccinations and are microchipped. 

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One male & two females available!
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Planned Litters (2019) 


Expected May 18, 2019
Confirmed via Ultrasound! Accepting applications
Venandi Application


Expected late June
Pending ultrasound
Venandi Application

Happy Tails

Hey Wanda, Just wanted to give you a quick update. The trip back was uneventful. Magic was calm and relaxed throughout. We stopped several times to stretch and walk. She is actually very good on a leash. When we got home, she was introduced to the cats, everyone was fantastic. They are actually all walking by each other ... no hissing ... nothing! Magic is respectful, and a few times tried to play! Perhaps our cats are used to little white dogs [😊] We do have Magic on a raw diet ... she also did enjoy a grain free kibble we have used with our other dogs. As for treats, we have used freeze dried beef liver in the past, and she really likes it too. She has a great time playing ball with Ella, and she went for several long walk walks over the past three days around the lakes near our home. We left the crate available if she wanted, but she just crammed herself between us and sacked out all night. She has since varied up here sleeping choices, sleeping with Ella last night. We did take her to the vet to check on her eye. Our vet gave a prescription that she wants used on both eyes. She is very knowledgeable about long nosed dogs and the potential for infection because of their nasal cavity and eyes close to one another (she personally has greyhounds). Magic’s tail is always wagging and she is especially happy to see Natalie when she comes home from work. We still haven’t heard her bark. Very well behaved, yet full of energy. Thankfully ... the transition has been almost too smooth!! Yay!
Havok is doing very well. He is a delight and I am feeling lucky to have him. He loves to walk around on his leash and is busy sniffing and tracking. He is a very enthusiastic eater and devours his food in seconds. He slept on my bed last night and never seems to go far from me.  Although he has been going in and out through the door flapper and appears to enjoy it. 
I am amazed by how much he craves and enjoys attention and petting. He is also very obedient. He loves treats and seems to enjoy eating everything I do! 

Such a wonderful little guy I can under stand that you would miss him. A friend stopped by with a vehicle similar to yours and he was all about jumping in. Not sure if he loves car rides or if he thought this was his ride back to you and the "girls". He seems to love everybody. A real gentle soul.

Hope all goes well with you. I will keep in touch but I am certainly enjoying Havok

Just thought I would send you a photo of Ev and Berry, they are best buds, sleep together, and are always playing together in the house.  Zoey passed away last month, so glad I have Ev here.  She is always at my side no matter where I go.  I have to be careful if I leave her at home, that all my shoes and slippers are out of reach as she wants to chew them when I am not there!  She must be mad that she is not with me.

Good Day,
Just wanted to update you on Bee. She is doing well. My sister has a 10 month old Belgian Groenendael whom she adores. Getting better on leash, she is just so excited to meet everyone (people and dogs). It is difficult to bait her with food for distraction as excitement seems to win. I know she'll get better when the weather warms up and we can burn that energy off in the yard before going on leash walks. I think we are all suffering from cabin fever.
My Veterinarian and I were discussing her spay. My clinic is on board with waiting for a year to pass before spaying. They did however warn me that after 2 heat cycles chances of breast cancer does increase. I have recently been diagnosed myself, so I think I am more hyper vigilant about this issue. Would it be permitted that I spay Bee after 2 heat cycles? I understand our contract states 1.5 years.
Attached are a few pics I took today. It's always a challenge to get her to stay still long enough to get a clear shot!

Thought I'd share the latest news on Sailor. He is doing great. It mad all the difference in the world when we got a crate he could not get out of! We have no more distraction and no more potty presents in various locations around the house. He LOVES going out to the farm and we can have him off leash now because he consistently comes back when he is called. He is developing a sweet bond with our horse Chile. He licks Chile's face and Chile closes his eyes and loves it. He even licked Sailor back one day. Too funny. 

Anyways, just wanted to give you an update. He is still showing dominance with Spark but we put him in his kennel when he harasses Spark. It has reduced the incidences a lot. He's a smart boy and figured out if he bugs Spark too much it's a time out. We also start puppy classes with him when we get back from our next sailing trip August 8. 

Take care,

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